We bought a building!

We are officially moving to 20 South Jefferson Street.  Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to purchase this building, which will nearly triple the amount of room we have to operate, and make improvements, expansions and alternations nearly limitless.   We have already founded a new Pottery guild, and thanks to the kind donation of Shenandoah Valley Art Center, we have a kiln.   We have also formed a metal working guild, and have set aside space to allow both these new areas to develop and grow.

To make this purchase possible, we are converting to a non-profit organization.   The Community Foundation of the Blue Ridge has given us endless advice, guidance and support.

There is a nearly endless list of folks to thank for making this possible, but at this point, I’d specifically like to call out he kindness, good nature, and enormous efforts of Delmar and Barbara who sold us the land and building.  Thanks to you both!