The Laser Cutter Guild

The iconic Josh Lotts, horse tamer, bull rider, and born engineer recently completed a huge upgrade on our Lasersaur Laser cutter.   The Lasersaur started with an enormous 2′ x 4′ bed and a wicked 4 foot long, 100 watt laser tube capable of cutting through as much as 3/4″ boards, but it’s grown substantially thanks to the Laser Cutting Guild, Josh’s optimism, determination, and research, and the help of David Garrison, who I consider to be the Bruce Lee of electronics.   (Did you ever see Bruce Lee play ping pong with nun-chucks?  Well, David Garrison could beat him with a hot soldering iron).

The new motor controller board, and enhanced software allows us to do far more detailed engravings, making it easier than ever to use this machine to create beautiful works of art or cut out intricate components for the most demanding of projects.   You can dial the laser in to cut and engrave leather, dial it back and do detailed paper cuttings, run multiple passes and slice through thick blocks of wood.    Anything organic can be etched, including stone.  It’s a delightful device that, thanks to Josh’s efforts, can now be used to produce richly detailed engravings from any suitable photograph.   The new software supports pauses, re-cuts, raster files, and a host of other enhancements.  Bless his bull taming heart.