The Digital Graphics guild

The Staunton Makerspace is a collection of guilds.  Each Guild focuses on an area of expertise.  We have a lot of guilds these days.  Cody Wilmer, pictured here, leads our Digital Graphics guild.  Cody is one of several entrepreneurs around the makerspace, his company Fitz Kits creates DIY kits for building complex steel beam structures from reusable components – so you can build anything from a planter (which you can see in the back) to a tailor made computer desk (check out his website).

The Digital Graphics Guild will provide access to Vinyl Cutters (make you own signs, bumper stickers, and spray paint templates), design software, and a camera studio for doing your own professional quality photography if you make things to sell on sites like Etsy.

Thank you Cody for making all of this possible.