Printers at Makerspace

This printer is a HP 4250N Laser. It was donated by The News Leader. The N is for networked which it is, hard wired to the router. If you would like to add this printer to your Laptop or whatever device, while at Makerspace, follow these clues. It does not appear as a network device, so I have been adding it using the Windows (add a printer using a TCP/IP address) the address is

If you need the manual find it here… HP_LaserJet_4250n
Can’t figure it out? call me Frank 430-5407

This is the Canon Pro 100. Network ready it just shows up, add and its connected.
It is a color inkjet with 7 cartridges and will print 8.5 x 11, 14, 11 x 17, and 13 x 19 sheets
The paper loads in the back, supplies are in the bottom of the credenza.
If you need the manual find it here… Canon Pro 100 QuickMenu

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