Mrs President and the Host of Makers

It’s official.  We have our first member elected board in our emerging Non-Profit Staunton Makerspace.   Please join me in welcoming our new President Eleanor Graham, VP Cody Wilmer, Secretary Aaron Louie, and Treasurer Alex Herron.  Every single one of these people are exceptional.  I count them each as a personal friend.  There is not one of them that I don’t admire – for their respective vision, energy, creativity, and deep wisdom.  But beyond them, we have a membership that transcends a need for central leadership.  With people like Nelson Patterson leading our renovations and volunteers, Rick Hubbard and Kurt Rosenberger forging a dynamic woodworking studio, and more names than it makes sense to mention building capacities from jewelry crafting and metal fabrication to pottery and production quality digital fabrication.   There is energy here well beyond what I can convey. You would have to see this motion to believe it.  God Speed all of you.  I am moved on a sea of inevitable greatness.

We had intended to keep this hand off quiet, but as you can see, Eleanor’s rather intense fan base found out about the small affair, and we were chased from the building, running down the streets of Staunton, Va. We finally found a spot to do the hand off and grab a picture before we got mobbed.(Thank you Cody for the excellent green screen in the digital graphics room!)