Making progress

Every weekend I come to the makerspace I run into something new happening.  We are making steady progress on the new wall that will divide our clean-tech area from the workshops and studio space.  Nelson Patterson pictured here is around 7 days a week managing our volunteers and helping guild our steady progress as we get one area after another set up and ready to go.  I’m sitting around on a Sunday afternoon writing this blog as Ashby and his son Kurt dismantle one of the unused garage doors from inside the space.  Ashby’s daughter Maggie and my son Jonah just finished the second coat of primer on the new wall, and are now busy playing with a device of unknown function Jonah managed to repair and get working last weekend.  This morning I spent time talking to a new member Jim about building a cloud chamber using peltier plates that we could demo at local schools, makerfairs and the like that will let people see radioactive decay.   Just one more Sunday afternoon at the Makerspace.